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Your company wants to trade successfully in Russia?

Your company wants to trade successfully in Russia?

With what to begin?

1. Create your site in Russian language , with the domain www.yours_site.RU (translate on language)

2. Create the presentation in clear Russian. Clear Russian is an important signal about your serious intentions. It is very important for your Russian clients to know that you understand them.

3. Translate maintenance and installation instructions into Russian language.

4. Advertising leaflets in Russian, or translate into Russian language, (see also design)

To trade successfully in Russia. We are ready to help you with it:

— We will translate your site into clear Russian (you can see same example), we will host your site in Russia (for faster loading).

— We will translate advertising leaflets into Russian (You may dispatch these booklets by mail). We will help with printing booklets in printing house and with delivering to your clients.

— We render consulting services


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